Why should the buyer do a final walk- through? 

Doing a final walk-through before the closing offers protection for the buyer, seller and agents involved in the transaction. Many buyers ask if they really have to do one. The answer of course is no, but why would a buyer want to give away their last chance to check out the property before title passes? 

Buyer's walk through
An opportunity to check on repairs and left behind items- Unfortunately, not all houses are ready when the final walk through time comes. Sellers fail to do the requirements as stated in the contract. Sellers leave behind unwanted items and some don't have the agreed repairs completed properly. Other times upon move out, something gets damaged. The buyer and his agent can make sure all is in good order if a final walk through is done before the closing.


Check to see that personal property items in the contract are there- There are times when the seller is to leave personal property items like a refrigerator or window treatments. At the walk through you can verify that these are still in place and have not been removed. Sometimes the packers are not aware that things are to remain and pack them up and send them ahead with the movers. These are the times a buyers agent can work out the details to get them back or get compensation for them at closing.


Don't wait unitl the last minute- Tennessee State contracts have a paragraph addressing the timing of the buyer's final walk through. It is best to not wait until the last minute but to do it far enough ahead that if issues arise they can be resolved before sitting at the closing table.

Present the property like you would want it- If you are a seller, know that this is your chance to present the property to the buyer as you would want it presented to you. Above all, follow your contract terms and when it's time for the walk through don't take it personally that they don't trust you because the buyer is doing exactly what he should be doing.

Happy Closings are the goal- Everyone wants a smooth and happy closing. Chances are this is the result you will get if the walk- through was done and items were verified. Any unfinished issues should be resolved before the closing.

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