Getting Advice From Your Real Estate Agent and Putting It Into Action 

Meeting with home owners who want to sell can be unsettling for agents that may have a tendency to beat around the bush about what needs to get done to get the maximum amount of money out of the upcoming sale.  The easy part is showing the potential value to a seller.  Sellers love to hear optimistic valuations and agents love to give them.  The hard part is telling a seller how to get that, or more.  That is when you can meet resistance.  Luckily, I was not born with a fear of putting a thought out there.  I am known for being direct.

Fresh, neutral paint is something I recommend to every seller.  Even when selling my sister's home, I recommended taking the multiple color scheme and toning it down to neutral.  My sister took it as a personal insult since she loved her paint color choices and countered with, "It's not that expensive to paint.  Buyers can deal with that."

Well, buyers tend to punish beyond the cost of a paint job.  The pain-in-the-butt factor is a multiplier.  If you didn't want to do it because it was a pain, then hold on tight for what a buyer think it will cost to paint.  They convey that in their offer price and/or request for closing cost help.

The other day, I related this story to a potential seller whose home was also very specific color choices that went with their furnishings and that they liked.  As much as every seller hates to hear they have more work to do to get ready, this seller knew that doing so would help her net more money.  Later that same afternoon, after I had gotten our signed listing agreement to her, she responded with a photo that made my day.  The painting from green to neutral had already begun.  

Your real estate agent is going to give you advice to help you maximize your profit.  Hopefully, they are direct enough that it comes across and you understand very well what needs to be done.  How motivated you are to make your house appealing to buyers in the marketplace will be reflected in how you take this advice.  Putting it into action let's us know that you are in it to win it. If you have any questions or would like to have a Free home evaluation please call us at 850-269-1369 or visit our website at