Leaving California for Broader Horizons

As of Late, it's Been Harder and Harder to Justify Living in California

Having the highest cost of living in the nation it is becoming harder and harder for the average American to find anything reasonable in the area. This has been causing residents of California to look elsewhere to live. When moving from California you have a lot of options. If you have become familiar with the warm weather and beaches then Florida would be the spot for you.

Comparing Expenses

California is rated the 2nd most expensive place to live in the country while Florida is ranked 25th. So not only do you get to keep similar weather and beautiful beaches, but you also get all of the benefits while living a significantly more affordable lifestyle. Another thing to consider is the tax advantages in moving to Florida. While California has some of the largest state taxes in the country upwards of 12.3%. Florida on the other hand has state taxes up to 6% at most. Florida is also one of the few states that has no personal income tax. Which ends up saving you even more.

California also has a much higher unemployment rate than Florida. Today California has an unemployment percentage of 7.6% as opposed to Florida’s 5% meaning it is much easier to find a job, and with everything going on with Covid right now having stability is a lot more important now more than ever.

Beaches and Lifestyle

Now when you think of beaches you probably think of either California or Florida. Both locations have beautiful beaches, but which of the two are better. If you are looking for easy access and award-winning beach’s Florida would be the pick for you. Florida has eight of the top 25 beaches in the united states. California beaches are one of the world's hotspots for surfing as well as beautiful hiking spots. At the end of the day, there really isn’t a “better” beach it is all up to preference.

When deciding where to go after leaving California you might want to consider Florida as a wonderful alternative with many benefits. Be it the cheaper cost of living or the beautiful beaches there are many reasons to move to Florida. With everything going on in the world having a bit more security is more important than ever.

If you are curious about moving to the Florida Destin area I would recommend the blog below.

6 Reasons to Move to Destin

1. Glorious Golf

With no less than 8 courses to choose from, you’ll never be bored.  Whether you’re in the mood for a round of golf at Kelly Plantation Golf club or something a little bit more affordable at Emerald Bay there’s a course for every golfer from novice to pro.

2. Fabulous Fishing

Also known as “the world’s luckiest fishing village”, Destin is famous for its hungry fish.  Don’t go home empty-handed, a fresh catch is on the dinner menu. Destin Florida has one of the largest fishing fleets in the United States.  Any day of the week you can rent a private charter or hop onto a party boat down at the Destin Harbor.  Make sure that during snapper season and most of the summer that you book your trip in advance.  If you don’t like going offshore fishing there are also many inshore fishing charters that focus in the Choctawhatchee Bay.

3. Beautiful Beaches

Imagine being able to stroll along sugar-white sandy beaches year-round.  The emerald green waters welcome swimmers and wave jumpers. Parasailing, snorkeling, and wave hopping on a wave runner are just a sampling of activities available for water lovers.  There are beautiful beaches with white sand and gorgeous color Gulf of Mexico waters in Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach and Destin Florida.  No matter which one of our communities you choose to live at the beaches will be the last thing to disappoint.

4. Henderson Beach State Park

Imagine living right next door to dolphins, sea turtles, and numerous fish and birds.  As you hike the nature trail, you’ll be able to observe the coastal dune ecosystem.

5. HarborWalk Village

Dining, shopping, water sports, and activities for the kids all in one spot next to the harbor.  This is also your destination for concerts and special events.

6. Arts and Culture

The Mattie Kelly Fine and Performing Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville has performances, concerts, plays throughout the year. 

Imagine All This in Your Own Backyard!

Whether you’re looking for a budget condo or a home in a gated subdivision, your local realtor at the Hollowell Team can help you find the perfect place.


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