Is a Familiarization Tour Necessary?

Is a Familiarization Tour Necessary for You as a Buyer on Florida’s Emerald Coast? You bet it is!

Not from here? Never been here?
Not overly familiar with the area?
Not sure of where to buy?

These types of questions come into focus when I talk to many people with a strong desire to move to Destin or Northwest Florida. Helping customers achieve their goals as it relates to purchasing a home, condo, or land to build on, has become more challenging as inventories have shrunk due to increased demand.

Having said that…

There are still opportunities to purchase excellent properties that will provide a great quality of life for you and your family.

Long gone are the days that an agent selects five properties they feel are best for you to choose from, and say which one do you want to go to contract on?

My buyers and I have found a far better way to go about this. Taking a full day with them on the front-end of the buying sequence by providing a Familiarization Tour (Fam Tour) to introduce them to the vast amount of what this beautiful area has to offer. I do this as part of the buying process because many things can be identified early on that would more than likely come up later – such as helping to pinpoint a location that they want to live in and are most comfortable with.

Then it is my job to find the best property for them at a price that is within their parameters. Along the way on the Fam Tour, I do my best to share points of interest, great restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues, and describe the rich history of the area. When they move here, they feel knowledgeable and immediately know where to go, have things to do, and places where they want to spend their quality time.

In Closing

Allow me to share this thought with you: Where you live… Determines how you live!

Live on the Emerald Coast and choose a Buyer’s Agent that greatly cares about your Quality of Life.

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