Increase The Curb Appeal of Your Home

it is vital to pay attention to your curb appeal of your home5 Ways You Can Increase Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal in real estate refers to the appearance of a property when it is viewed from the outside. The age, design, and condition of the property and the immediate surroundings go into determining the overall curb appearance. More than often, potential buyers tend to narrow down their options largely by eliminating the properties with an undesirable curb appeal. What lies inside the house matters. However, the exterior is equally as important. The curb appeal should be such that it gives off a sense of pride in ownership. Here are 5 ways in which you can increase the curb appeal of your Destin Florida home without having to shell out too much money.

1. Thoughtful Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most important things in determining the curb appeal of a property. You can develop a strategy and work over it for some time. This method can be highly effective without weighing down too heavily on your pockets. It has been seen that properties with good curb appeal tend to have 5.5 to 12.7% higher prices as compared to other properties on the market. They are also easily sold off without staying in the market for too long. Therefore, if you are looking to make a quick sale, a good curb appeal might be advantageous.

Try to use indigenous plants and trees as well as drought-resistant plants. This will ensure that your landscaping looks natural and will be able to survive the hottest summers and the coldest winters that Destin, Florida, can have.
If a lot of foliage surrounds the house, you may want to cut them off or tame them a bit so that the appearance of the house is not affected. This could involve cutting the grass to the desired length, removing dead plants, trimming the hedges and tree branches, pruning flower beds and bushes. The yard should look neat and tidy. You can also remove some old plants and flowers and plant new ones in strategic places in order to improve the overall appearance.

2. Give a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning does not take up a lot of money. However, it can make a huge difference to the appearance of the property. The dust and dirt that have accumulated over the years can give it a shoddy appearance. So clean the windows and give your house a thorough power wash to remove all the dirt, moss, and grime. You will have a much-improved curb appeal without having to take up the cost of repainting.

Additional tips to increase the value of your home before selling

3. Touchups

Once your house is all clean and ready, you can look to see if any touch-ups are needed. You do not have to go for the entire repainting. Just add a little pop here and there, maybe the door frame, the window. This can give your house an all-new and fresh appeal.

You can also add new light fixtures. These are not too big of an investment. However, they can improve the curb appeal of a house in an unimaginable way. The lights at the front are the ones that need more attention. Of course, these are only to be used at night. However, getting attractive lights, especially the one at the gate or the front porch, can improve the curb appeal even during the day.

4. Mailbox

The fact that the mailbox is far out of the house makes it quite neglected. If you do not pay attention, it can silently take up the beating and end up looking downtrodden. However, you should not forget that the mailbox is one of the first things that catch your attention when it comes to curb appeal. If you are concerned about improving the appearance of the house, it is advisable that you opt for polishing or repainting your mailbox. If you have driven around Destin and Miramar Beach I’m sure you have seen some very unsightly mailboxes. You do not want potential buyers to see something better suited for the junkyard than your mail. Make sure it looks good enough or maybe think about replacing the mailbox entirely.

5. Roof

The roof can also play a huge role in determining the appearance of the house. If there have been any damages, it is best to fix it up before things get complicated. Since dealing with the roof can be tricky, you can hire a specialist for the same purpose. If your roof is fine, make sure that you remove all the leaves, balls, or other debris that has accumulated. This gives a clean and fresh look to the house. If you are intending on selling the property, you will be able to attract potential buyers with more ease.  If for some reason your roof needs to be replaced do not delay.  This could cause much worse problems than you could imagine.  Roof damage can lead to water damage a potential wood rot.  A new roof would really increase the curb appeal of your Destin Florida home.

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