How to Price a Home For Sale in Destin

Let’s Get Down to It… It’s Motivation and Price!

What do you mean about “We deal with many sellers in the Destin area and the rest of the Emerald Coast who all have one question in their mind, which is “PRICE”!  We respect that and make a conscious effort early on in our listing presentation to arrive at a price that truly represents the value of their home.  Little do they know the price we share with them comes from several hours of research, and not just the “Push of a Key” generic MLS report.

Sharing the appropriate data with homes sold, active Destin homes for sale, comparative home analysis of finishes, features, land size, neighborhood factors, and the number of days on market for homes similar or like theirs takes time but pays off. Things like whether or not the property is part of an HOA and if so what are the HOA benefits make a difference in price. It involves the sellers in a teamwork scenario and results in a price that is very fair to them and reasonable to the buyer.

Our objective is to find a price to list your home that is the highest price possible that will still attract plenty of people (potential buyers) to the home, condo, or land we are trying to sell. It’s a balancing act between pricing it too high where people will just look past it and pricing a property under market value. The goal that we try to accomplish with any property is to sell it as quickly as possible, for the most amount of money and with the least amount of hassle to the seller.

Understanding the Seller's Motivation to Sell is Key.

We ask every seller the same question, “why do you want to sell?” Is important that we understand what is motivating you to sell your property so we can put ourselves in your shoes. It’s a team effort to sell a home and we understand that.

It literally is a “Sea of Emotions” sometimes, so you need to prepare yourself for what would be most aptly termed a “Motivational Shift”. Staying close to the sellers during a motivational shift, and correctly interpreting what motivates them the most leads to success in the sale of their property. Yes, It takes extra effort but is more than worth it to make your sellers happy and deliver on the promises you’ve made to get the best price for their property.

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