Homeowners Association, HOA, in Destin Florida

What is an HOA?

The acronym HOA stands for, homeowners association. Many subdivisions in Destin Florida will have an HOA and all of the condos have HOA’s. The ultimate responsibility of the HOA is to make and enforce rules for all of the buildings and homes within that subdivision or condominium.

Also, the HOA is responsible for common grounds and neighborhood and condo amenities. When someone moves into a property where there is an HOA present they are automatically required to be a part of it and pay the monthly dues. Typically the dues are collected either monthly or quarterly. In some locations, there will be a Master Association fee as well as the Homeowner Association fee. A larger planned community like Seascape Resort is an example of a place with both of these associations. If you live in or own a condo in Ariel Dunes you’ll be responsible for the condo homeowners association fees as well as the Seascape resort master Association fees. The Master Association may pay for things like the roads, gated entrances, and security.

How Much Are HOA Fees Per Month?

Every condo and every subdivision will set the amount of their HOA fee internally. There will be elected members that own property within the condo or neighborhood that make up the HOA board. It is their responsibility to come up with a budget and sometimes they allocate additional fees to go toward reserves. This is like having money in the bank for a rainy day.

Depending on how many amenities there are, how luxurious the landscaping is, and, if the community is gated, are there security guards or not, what type of utilities are included, and other particulars will determine the actual monthly fee for each owner. The number of residents splitting the fee is also a major factor. The range of HOA fees and Destin Florida and surrounding areas can be anywhere from $25 per month to more than $1500 per month. Condominiums will always be the most expensive HOA because in the state of Florida exterior building insurance is always included.

What You Need to Know

Because each community and condominium will be running differently it is important to ask certain questions. When you getting ready to purchase any Destin real estate ask your realtor to find out some answers to the following questions:

  1. How much does the HOA have in reserves?
  2. When was the last HOA increase and are there any increases scheduled for the future?
  3. Can you get a copy of this year’s and next year’s budget?
  4. Can you get a copy of the FAQs?
  5. Have there been any special assessments in the past? If so, when were they, what with a four, and how much was the special assessment?

Make sure you get a complete list of what is covered each month by the dues.

Things to Consider About an HOA in Destin Florida

These things to consider don’t really matter whether or not you’re in Destin Florida for Santa Rosa Beach Florida but needless to say they are important. It may not be the most fun reading in the world but get a copy of the entire CC&Rs (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and bylaws.

Do You Own a Boat or RV?

If the answer to this is yes then you better find out if you're permitted to have either of those parked at your house. In many subdivisions and/or condominium complexes you will not be permitted to park either boat or RV. There are some neighborhoods and condos that have specially allocated parking for things like boats, wave runners, RVs and extra vehicles.

And Lastly...

The last thing that needs to be said that will some this entire article is, do your research. Make sure to pants plenty of questions and understand what you’re getting into. An HOA can be a wonderful thing to have for some people and for others it can be their worst nightmare. So weigh out the pros and cons for yourself and decide whether or not living somewhere that has a homeowners association is right for you.

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