Buying Your Piece of Paradise in Destin

Destin Dreamin’… Or Are You Truly Serious About Buying Your “Piece of Paradise”?

Enough dreaming about buying a home in Destin Florida. Make owning a piece of paradise in Destin a reality.

This title may sound funny but is all too familiar to Brokers and Real Estate Agents in and around the Destin area. Many times’ prospective buyers’ have their heart set on purchasing a home, condo, townhome, or piece of residential property (for future building purposes) to find that they are not in the mindset while on vacation to make an effective offer and come to contract terms with the seller.

For many well-intended buyers, it is the lack of familiarity…not only with the surroundings but also with some very accommodating & knowledgeable local lenders they would greatly benefit from by using.

Building their “Trust” is the key to a successful purchase. Staying readily available and in close communication with them during the time they spent here (adhering to their schedule) and not your own helps many times to bring to closure a successful deal that everyone can feel good about.

Sadly, there have been too many times that buyers get shown many different properties by qualified & dedicated agents then hold back on their decision to purchase for a myriad of different reasons.

Buyers that I have worked with in the past refer to the initial point in time they didn’t purchase when we first looked at property together with (Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda,) terms:

"I Shoulda bought that house 3 years ago! It’s appreciated $65,000!"

"I Coulda made at least $35,000 just buying, fixing, and flipping that place!"

"Woulda enjoyed strong rental income, tax advantages, had great vacations, and sold that condo for a premium if we had only purchased it when we first met you."

Here’s My Advice to Buyers Wanting a Great Quality of Life in and Around the Destin Area...

Make the Move now on your desire to own real estate here along the Emerald Coast. It’s time for you to get your “Piece of Paradise” in Destin Florida!

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