Best time to buy a home in Destin Florida

In the past, fall has shown to be a good time for people to find their dream homes in Destin. The weather is beautiful, so homes are showcased by mother nature. The rental season is slowing down, so homeowners are not seeing the big rental checks showing up in their bank accounts. For people who have been considering letting their Destin property go, this is just the nudge they need.

Destin generally runs at 100% occupancy during the summer months. It can be difficult for realtors to find time to show homes as owners don’t want to inconvenience their renters. Realtors end up showing properties between check-in and check-out on Saturday. This means cleaners and maintenance staff are usually around, preparing the property for the next set of guests. It can be difficult to see multiple properties within the small available time frame.

During the autumn season, realtors have more time to show you numerous properties, ensuring you get the full range of choices. You’re also able to see properties in their best light, as opposed to dodging housekeepers and renters. This gives you time to thoroughly look at a home and to hire a home inspector to ensure there aren’t any surprises after your purchase is final. Additionally, when you purchase your Destin home in the fall, you can be moved in by December – just in time for Christmas at the Beach.

Whatever the time of year, Destin is a wonderful location for your new home. Destin has some of the highest-rated schools along the Emerald Coast. 89% of its residents have earned some degree about their high school diploma, so education is important in the community. An active lifestyle is also valued by Destin residents. A large majority of residents are non-smokers who pursue active lifestyles. Living so close to the ocean in such a beautiful setting makes exercising outside more fun than work. Why would you drive to the beach, when you could ride your bike while breathing in the salty air as you cruise past the palm trees?

Destin has almost a 97.1% rate of employment. High employment equals a higher tax base. More income from taxes ensures that Destin is well maintained and is poised to attract and retain solid employees. While the natural beauty of Destin is stunning, the infrastructure is also sound.

You’ll never be bored living in Destin. In addition to the beach and all the water activities that accompany life on the coast, there are additional entertainments to ensure everyone in your family has something to love. The Destin Harbor Boardwalk offers top-notch restaurants, including Emeril Lagasse’s Meril and Tim Creehan’s The Cuvee Bistro. Also on the boardwalk, you will find Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park. For more low-speed entertainment, you can find live music performed by local musicians, and local artists practicing their craft.

So, if you’re finances are in order, and you’re ready to move, check with Laurie to see the properties she has available, (850) 217-1369.  She will be happy to make your dream of owning Destin real estate come true.

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