8 Tips for Successfully Renting Out Your Beach House in Destin

Rent Your Beach House More Often

If your tenants are happy, they’ll come back, saving you the hassle of having to find new renters every year. It doesn’t take much to make your renters feel like guests in your home.

1. Make Your Home Inviting

You’ll want durable, sturdy furniture but that doesn’t mean your home needs to look like a college dorm room. Bring the outside in and use the beach as your color palette when decorating your home. Use seashells as an inexpensive, thematic décor. People visit Destin Florida because of the beautiful beaches and area attractions. For this reason, it is also important to maintain a beach theme throughout your home.

2. Think of the Little Things

Leave the fridge stocked with some bottled water, fruit drinks, and soda to welcome your thirsty guests. Having a basket of local goodies is a nice treat as well. Travel-size toiletries will save guests from having to find a drugstore when they realize they forgot their toothpaste at 11:00 pm. Small bottles of fragrant lotions, shampoos, and soaps from a local vendor make guests add a nice touch. Be sure to have an abundance of towels in the bathrooms.

3. Packed and Ready to Go

Leave a beach cart stocked with towels, toys, and sunscreen so all your guests need to do is find their bathing suits before hitting the beach. Leave a map and transportation options as well as hot tips on where to find the best beach snacks.

4. Something for Everyone

It may be that your guests are happy with a couple of hours a day on the beach. Leave brochures for local attractions and restaurants to make it easy for them to plan out their vacation on day one.

5. Make it Easy

Have emergency numbers easily accessible. Using bright colored paper will allow your guests to see the list right away, so if the power goes out or the toilet clogs they will know who to call. Be sure to include numbers for local utilities, and the property manager – who just might be you.

6. Plan for a Rainy Day

Make sure your guests have easy access to board games, puzzles, and a few toys for the kids for those days when the sun is too hot, or the sky too wet to get to the beach. Plan for family-friendly games, as well as games for an older audience.

7. Have a Library

Keep a variety of paperbacks by popular authors that guests can read, and even take along for the ride home. Many people will be happy to read their beach reads behind in exchange. Don’t forget the kids. Have a variety of books for different ages of children. Library book sales and resale shops will help you stock up for little cost.

8. Don’t Forget the Wifi

As lovely as a screen-free vacation sounds, it’s not practical. Make sure to leave information for connecting to Wifi along with instructions for using remotes for the television, sound system, and any other electronic entertainment you may have.

These simple things will go a long way toward keeping your guests happy, and your rental full. After all, nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising!

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