6 Benefits of Living in a Single Story Home

Why Single-Story Home May Be a Better Choice for You

While buying a house in Destin or the Santa Rosa Beach area, you are always faced with a common question, whether you should buy a house with multiple levels or a single-story house. Of course, there are pros and cons attached to both. However, it should be noted that a single-story house comes with many benefits that are often easily overlooked but can have long-term benefits.

Here are Some of Them:

Safety of the Children and Seniors

When house shopping in the Destin area, you should always think of the long-term and consider if there are going to be any additions to the family. The main advantage of single-story homes is that they can be very convenient for seniors who often struggle with staircases. Installing elevators can be very expensive. So, if you have elderly members in the house or are looking for a property to be used as your retirement home, a single-story house can go easy on your arthritis.

If you have toddlers around the house, staircases can increase their chances of falling and slipping. Since they are always crawling about, you may not be able to keep your eyes on them all the time. Although you can always put in baby gates around the house, a single-story house can be much safer for all members of your family.

Easy Escape

The other significant advantage of a single-story house in Destin is that it allows for a very easy escape in case of emergencies. Even if the doorways become unusable, you can always make a safe exit from the window without having to jump from a great height. Having the windows all on the first floor during emergencies such as fire and even intrusions can potentially save lives. In multiple-story homes, it can take quite a while for the smoke from downstairs to reach the upper floors.

However, in a single-story house, you can detect fire as soon as it starts spreading giving you enough time to escape before anything serious happens. Furthermore, you will have the benefit of using multiple pathways to escape.

Cooling and Heating

During hot Destin summers, the upper floors in a two-story house can get heated up incessantly and take a long time to cool down. Even during the winters, you will be required to increase the thermostat setting to a great degree so that all of the rooms get sufficiently heated. This not only proves to be expensive but can also cause a great deal of inconvenience for the occupants.

A one-story house, on the other hand, is capable of maintaining moderate temperatures both during the summers as well as the winters. You will also be able to save quite a lot in terms of reduced heating or cooling bills.

Single-Story Homes Do Not Wear You Out

The other great benefit of a single-story house is that you do not have to run up and down a hundred times a day. This allows you to manage a lot of things with much ease without wearing yourself out. In a single-story house, you will have a lot of necessities such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedroom on the same floor, thereby cutting down the need to ascend and descend frequently.

More Privacy

In a single-story house, the different rooms are completely partitioned off from one another. Hence, there is no chance for noise from one room traveling to the other. This gives the residents a very high amount of privacy. However, this is not the case in multiple storied houses where the sound from downstairs directly travels to the room just above it.

Easier Cleaning

In a single-story house, you will be able to access every nook and cranny with much ease, thereby making it easier to clean the whole house without having to put in a humongous effort. Vacuuming the entire house can take up much less time. The stairs in a two-story can be the most tiresome to clean the house.

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