5 Benefits of a Home Warranty

Is a Home Warranty Right for You?

You have normally heard of warranties for electronic goods, cars, or any other material products you buy. But did you know that warranties are also available for houses? In fact, house warranties can save you from a large number of inconveniences that might cost you an extra sum after the purchase has been made. However, older homes may not always have warranties. Therefore, it would count to be cautious before you jump in to secure the deal.

A home warranty is also known as a home service contract. Basically, this contract covers the cost of replacement and repair of various systems, mainly electronic appliances, and air-conditioning units are covered under it. From a financial point of view, having a home warranty like one from Select Home Warranty can prove to be highly beneficial for the owner. Given below are the 5  benefits of a home warranty in Destin.

You Do Not Have to Pay for Repairs

Home repairs can get very costly. Regardless of how well you maintain the various appliances and gadgets around the house, they are definitely not going to last forever. While some items may only cost you a few dollars, others can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Being the owner of the house, the entire burden of the expenses falls upon you. However, if you are covered by a home warranty, you can save a great deal of money on various repairs.

Therefore, if you are unable to manage extensive budgets for repair and upkeep or do not want to utilize your emergency funds for the same, opting for a home warranty can be a great choice. Whenever a situation comes up, you can place a call to the warranty issuing company who will then dispatch a licensed technician directly to your address. In case the concerned system is beyond repair, the warranty will have it replaced. Although a home warranty may not be your priority, it will definitely save you on a rainy day.

Home Warranties are Comprehensive

Another reason why home warranties are great is that they are all-inclusive and have you covered by a large number of things. However, it should be noted that home warranties do not cover you for each and every repair work around the house. For example, if there are roof repairs, replacement of doors and windows, laying down new flooring, etc., you need to have some money set aside to take up the expenses. The items covered under the home warranty are very clearly mentioned before you buy the contract. These mainly include the electrical appliances around the house, plumbing, water heaters, HVAC system, etc.

Saves Time and Confusion

When you have a home warranty, you can immediately request repair services whenever an issue crops up. This can save you a great deal of time and hassle. Household management will become much more systematic and convenient. You will be saved from all the futile attempts at DIY repair or having to look up the reviews and ratings for different service providers.

Home Warranties in Destin are Affordable

Despite offering coverage from a number of different things, home warranties do not really cost a fortune. Since a home warranty is an all-comprehensive plan, you can request any type of service. Therefore, if you think that you may not be able to take up the individual costs for different items, a home warranty is an excellent choice. Yearly premiums generally vary between $300 and $500. Apart from this, you will also be required to make a separate payment of about $70 for each service request.

Home Warranties Have a Fixed Waiting Period

The greatest advantage of opting for a home warranty is that the waiting period is fixed and limited. Some companies do not even have a waiting period at all. No inspections are made before the signing up of the contract, and you can opt for a warranty anytime you want, even if you have been using the same appliances for a couple of years.

For example, say you already own a home but have no warranty. Here, you have the freedom of signing a contract anytime you decide to have an added protection. Since the waiting period is limited, you can start using up the services within a span of just a few days.

Home Warranty Bonus Tip

The best time to purchase a home warranty in Destin is at the time you purchase your property.  Whether you’re buying a condo in Miramar Beach or a single-family home in Destin, have the home warranty paid for at closing.  This way you’re covered right away and the fees are taken out at closing. This way you have peace of mind the first day you own your new house or condo.

Where to Buy a Home Warranty

After reading this article I hope it has been helpful for you to decide whether or not a home warranty in Destin is right for you. There are many companies that sell home warranties.  We recommend going with one of the bigger companies that have been around for longer than some of the small companies.

As we mentioned earlier the best time to purchase a home warranty is just before you buy your house or condo.  If you do it this way all you need to do is tell your realtor that you would like to buy a home warranty.  They will coordinate it with the closing along with your title company.  If you would like to look at some of the different plans available to companies that we have had success with are American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty.

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