Mr. and Mrs. Seller,

Your property went active in the MLS on (Jan. 1st), was on the market for (6 months) , and expired on (June 1st). Your property was professionally staged - and is still in pristine condition!

A professional photographer took photos of your property and created a Virtual Tour which you consider to be "best in class". You told us that the Virtual Tour was viewed more than 3,000 times during the previous listing period! That translates into an average of more than 20 visitors per day for the current duration of the tour. Of those that visited the tour, a handful decided to visit your home “in person”. Of those that visited your home, you told us the feedback (from those that provided it) was that the home was overpriced.

The year over year appreciation rate for the (current location) area real estate market was approximately x%. The year over year appreciation rate for the (intended new home) area real estate market was around y%! That means the longer it takes to sell your current home, the further behind you will fall when it’s time to purchase a home in the area you are moving to.

In short, all the variables could adversely affect a sale, with one exception, have been completely addressed, and cannot be improved on.

The one exception is Price.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller - MEET REALITY!

Eventually the market MAY catch up to the price you want for your current property. While you wait for that to happen, whatever property you are looking to purchase in the area you are moving to will be increasing in price, at a much faster rate.

It comes down to two options.

1. Keep your current home

2. Offer it to the market at a price at which the market is interested.

Whether you choose to allow us to help you, or select another agent to help you, the market has already sent the message that it has little to no interest in your property at the previous list price. So, to sell the house, you would need to agree to a lower list price than what you have in mind. Some of the agents you interview may be willing to agree to take your listing at the same price at which it expired. That's called "Buying a Listing". And what will happen next is continual pressure for price adjustments. And you will either give in to that pressure, or continue to own your home at the end of the listing agreement.

Do you really need to sell??

Or just want to sell if you can get your price??

We can help you if you really need to sell.

Nobody can help you if you only want to sell if you can get your price!